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Interested in joining Troop 1? Boy Scouts is for all boys ages 11-17 (Grades 5-12). Feel free to drop by and watch a troop meeting. We meet on Monday nights at 7:00 at First Presbyterian Church in downtown Tulsa.

For more information on joining Troop 1 please click HERE or send an email to our recruitment chair at want2join@troop1tulsa.com

If you wish to have an announcement placed on the Website/EBlast or you need to send a troop wide E-mail, please contact the webmaster at webmaster@troop1tulsa.com

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SUNDAY - Campout Planning, SPL Nominations, Game Night

Posted by rlhart on Dec 2 2016 - 11:12pm

Campout Planning for Pea Ridge, Sunday at the Troop Room

Another winter campout is on the docket when Troop 1 camps at the historic Pea Ridge Battlefield in NW Arkansas. If you plan to attend the campout, please sign up online so we have a head count for Saturday BBQ dinner.

Winter Camping, Dutch Oven, and the Civil War

Posted by rlhart on Nov 24 2016 - 6:26pm

Winter Camping, Dutch Oven Cooking, and the Civil War

 We all had a great time at Dead Woman’s Gulch but some Scouts can appreciate a review of winter camping. Our next two programs will be informative as we prepare for the December campout at Pea Ridge, Arkansas.

Dead Woman's Gulch Campout

Posted by admin on Nov 18 2016 - 1:45am
Please arrive by 9:30 a.m. Saturday at Dead Woman's Gulch (no later than 10).
Drive time is about 90 minutes and the hike to the camp is about 20 minutes.

Click HERE for map

November Campout - Wilderness Survival

Posted by rlhart on Nov 17 2016 - 9:25pm

Knives, Axes, Rope, Survival.

No one gets voted off the island this weekend. Everyone has a good time. Our November campout at Dead Woman’s Gulch is all about building shelters and woodcraft structures. Review your lashing lessons because we’re tying rope all day Saturday.

Troop Dues

Posted by admin on Nov 11 2016 - 2:11am


The meeting on Monday (Nov. 14th) is the FINAL DAY for dues payments.

Adult leaders that have not taken BSA Youth Protection Training within the last 2 years need to go to http://www.scouting.org/Training/YouthProtection.aspx and take the training ASAP

If you have any questions, please contact Troop 1's Recharter & Troopmaster Guru, Eric Scholl (docscholl@yahoo.com)

SPECIAL SPEAKER MONDAY - Tulsa Police Department

Posted by admin on Nov 11 2016 - 2:02am

Reminder: Special Monday Meeting, Tulsa Police Program

Plan to arrive early for Monday’s Troop meeting because we have a special treat in store.

Sergeant Malcolm Wightman, Internal Affairs Section, Tulsa Police Department will be our guest speaker Monday, Nov 14. He will talk about various aspects of policing in a community like Tulsa, issues facing a modern police officer, and about possible careers in local law enforcement.

Sgt Wightman is trying to organize a guest appearance by the police helicopter and plans are to land in the parking lot unless there is a police emergency that requires their services elsewhere. Sgt Wightman also will be accompanied by fellow officers to round out their presentation to the Troop.

Sgt Wightman is a Troop 1 Eagle Scout (October 1993) and his father also is a Troop 1 Eagle (February 1958). We are proud to welcome Sgt Wightman home to Troop 1.

Scouts should plan to arrive early, by 6:45 pm, to watch the helicopter land.

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